May Fundraiser for Ukraine

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to be supporting a fundraiser for a special veterans center in Kiev, Ukraine that is offering Holistic health services, including Functional Integration and ATM, to injured and traumatized members of the Ukrainian military. The Lisova Polyana Rehabilitation Center in Kiev has a number of rotating practitioners working with wounded Ukrainian soldiers to support them in their recovery from physical and emotional trauma including amputations, concussions and PTSD. All of the services are offered at no charge.

I learned about the center from a student in one of my trainings, Katya Chizayeva, who is Ukrainian and has been volunteering there frequently over the past year offering acupuncture and ATM classes. Feldenkrais Resources will be donating 30% of sales through June to the Lisova Polyana Rehab Center. If there is something you were considering for your library, now is a great moment to extend your reach.

From Katya:

“Each of these practitioners have been doing heroic work, seeing from 8 to 20 people a day, for the last 8 months. Many of the practitioners spend 3 hours daily on public transport commuting. They deal with the threat of being bombed. They often lose electricity and heat. They hear and feel the trauma from the men and women who had to fight instead of focusing on the potential of their lives. They do it in addition to their own family, work, studies, and rest needs. When additional financial support is available it might mean taking an uber home one day rather than an hour and half on public transportation. It might mean some space for rejuvenation and thus fending off burn-out so they can continue their work at the center. All the services are at no charge to those in recovery. It’s been impactful. And this can become bigger if we build on it.”

Moshe Feldenkrais was born in what is now present day Ukraine so we are starting this fundraiser timed with his Birthday. We will send out more information as things develop.

-Elizabeth Beringer and the rest of the Feldenkrais Resources Staff

PS. If you would like to learn more about the center you can contact Katya Chizayeva directly at: Katya Chizhayeva We are partnering with a non-profit so people can also donate to the clinic directly. This information will be available on our website soon.