Stephen Rosenholtz

Move Like the Animals - Set with CD and Book

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By Stephen Rosenholtz

This wonder-filled program links motor learning to reading, singing and imagination. Children develop self-esteem through the fun and excitement of learning to walk like a bear, roll like a cat, crawl like an alligator, do monkey moves and more. The songs, read-along story, and whimsical Japanese brush drawings help children develop and expand their sensory motor skills, including balance, coordination and motor sequencing.

Move Like the Animals creator Dr. Stephen Rosenholtz has a graduate degrees in education from Stanford University. Each of these highly original award-winning programs consists of a beautifully illustrated 32-page read-along storybook and a CD with movement exercises. Each program is conveyed in story and song form with outstanding music singing and production values. The book shows the movement sequences and all the lyrics. 
Stephen Rosenholtz earned his Ph.D. in education at Stanford University in 1981. Then in 1983 he graduated from the Amherst Feldenkrais Professional Training with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Since his graduation, he has maintained a practice and taught in Feldenkrais trainings worldwide. Stephen has served as educational director of trainings in Germany and Switzerland and, for the past 20 years, as educational director of the Feldenkrais training in Colima, Mexico. He currently serves as coeducationaldirector of the Mexico Feldenkrais® Training.


Dr. Rosenholtz is also the creator of Move Like the Animals and Monkey Moves, award-winning musical movement programs for children based on Feldenkrais’s lessons. If you have children of your own or work with them professionally, then you will certainly enjoy this series.