Oakworks Storable Mat Table 33"

The Details Make The Difference...
1 1/2‰۝ multi-layer, multi-density system provides firm support. Designed for Physical Therapy and Athletic Training needs. Weighs 1-2 pounds more than semi-firm.
Ingenious patented design reinforces the table to support heavy loading which no piano hinge can match.
One more investment in wellbeing. For years, vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride, has been the standard for massage tables. Oakworkså¨ is proud to bring you our TerraTouch‰ã¢, a revolutionary, earth-friendly upholstery fabric, made from environmentally friendly, PVC-free premium polyurethane. We designed it with the best features for bodywork. And, only TerraTouch‰ã¢ comes in this great palette of eye-pleasing colors.
    • a soft ‰ÛÏhand‰۝ for ultra comfort
    • a great memory to retain its shape
    • excellent abrasion and tear resistance
    • high oil and cold endurance
    • easy to clean
if you are rough and tough on your tables you may want to ultilize this durable fabric in lue of the TERRATOUCH. It is an abrasion-resistant upholstery, ideal for Athletic Trainers and Sports Therapists. Black & Royal Blue are standard colors. Please note that there is an additional charge.
DYNAMIC LOAD: 550 lbs.
WEIGHT: 40-45 lbs. for 33‰۝ or 35‰۝ width
HEIGHT RANGE: 16‰۝- 25‰۝
  • 73‰۝ for 31‰۝ width,
  • 78‰۝ for 33‰۝ & 35‰۝ width
UPHOLSTERY:TerraTouch䋢, Tufflex䋢
CS System䋢 (Complementary Suspension) : U.S. Patent #6,192,809
UniLock䋢: U.S. Patent # 7,472,656

NOTE: All tables are custom made to order and take two weeks to process before they are ready to ship