David Webber

Seeing Clearly

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Suddenly in 1996, at the age of 43, David Webber lost his eyesight, due to a severe eye condition (uveitis), and was declared legally blind. Remarkably, he regained much of his vision by working with the practical principles of The Feldenkrais Method. Based on his own healing experience, David will guide you through a variety of Awareness Through Movement lessons that will teach you new skills that help you to see more clearly.

Vision one of the the primary senses through which we experience the world. Despite its importance, the quality and clarity of our vision can weaken and degrade without our knowing how or why. In this recorded workshop you will learn how to recognize and eliminate many of the most common habits which interfere with easy, effortless vision, and learn new skills which will lead you to see more clearly.

Recorded at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, the Awareness Through Movement lessons taught in this workshop provide fundamental steps for healing the eyes, improving vision, and seeing more clearly. With continued use of these recorded lessons you will find that the transformational effects of these recorded lessons will continue to build in deeper and more profound ways.
You will learn:
You will find that improving your visual acuity not only will help your vision, but that your flexibility, coordination, and balance will improve, as well. Many workshop participants find that old aches and pains disappear as the use of their eyes is transformed. We will investigate three inter-dependent functions that help the eyes optimize vision; muscular effort, movement and focus.
  • How to lower the muscular tonus of the muscles that move the eyes, and feel what it is like to have relaxed eyes - one of the necessary ingredients for a quieter, more receptive nervous system.
  • How to maintain fluid movement of the eyes in all directions, and to let go of the unnecessary effort that creates blind spots in the visual field, as well as effecting common movements such as turning, bending and walking.
  • How to focus the eyes accurately and without strain, while seeing from various directions and depths of focus.
What People Are Saying
"David Webber is a remarkable person. His personal knowledge developed in his struggle to find functional vision for himself after severe loss, combined with his use of the Feldenkrais Method, makes his approach useful for everyone."
‰ÛÓCarl Ginsburg, Ph.D., Feldenkrais Trainer
CD 1: Intro. Remarks, Our Eyes & Ourselves CD 2: Relaxed Eyes CD 3: Breathing to See CD 4: Easy Seeing CD 5: Improving Your Aim CD 6: Seeing Deeply CD 7: Integrating Your Vision