Carol Kress & Dennis Leri

A Mid-Summer's Dream Intensive: First Annual

With Dennis Leri and Carol Kress

This five-day intensive was presented in Berkeley in the summer of 2011 to rave reviews. The participants were all longtime practitioners of ATM, allowing for an immediate immersion experience. It consists of five uninterrupted days of ATM—four per day, with little discussion, a total of 20 ATM lessons. The ATMs are woven around the four-points series which extends through the five days.

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Carol Kress and Dennis Leri taught together frequently during the past two decades (Dennis passed away in 2016), expertly interweaving differently textured lessons into a spectacular whole. Below is their description of this course, the first in what eventually became a celebrated four-part series, rich with ATM lessons.

"This intensive is designed to give participants a feel for the depth and breadth of the practice of self-inquiry known as Awareness Through Movement. We will present four lessons a day, two before lunch and two after lunch. Some lessons will require slow, small movements while other lessons will necessitate large, fast actions. Some lessons will give you access to positive behavioral change via a somatic reimagining of your modes and ways of acting. Other lessons will allow you to observe and change your imagined limitations by first acting differently and in novel ways. Feldenkrais's understanding of awareness and his unique means to achieve it will challenge your self-limiting habits of knowing, thinking, sensing and feeling. In other words, the intensive will be provocative and fun." —Dennis Leri and Carol Kress, 2011

Day One

  1. Dennis Leri - Foot Movements
  2. Dennis Leri - Lifting the Back
  3. Carol Kress - Mid Back Clock
  4. Carol Kress - Easing the Neck

Day Two
  1. Dennis Leri - 4 Points Intro
  2. Dennis Leri - 4 Points #I
  3. Carol Kress - Hands Behind
  4. Carol Kress - Lengthening Legs

Day Three
  1. Carol Kress - Unbending the Leg
  2. Dennis Leri - 4 Points #2
  3. Dennis Leri - Long Torso & Long Legs
  4. Carol Kress - Spine Long


Day Four

  1. Dennis Leri - 4 points #3
  2. Dennis Leri - Legs Over Chest
  3. Carol Kress - Legs Threading
  4. Carol Kress - Breatihing

Day Five

  1. Carol Kress - Chest Folding
  2. Dennis Leri - Points #4
  3. Carol Kress - Head & Tail
  4. Dennis Leri - Hands & Feet

Dennis Leri graduated from the first U.S. Feldenkrais training program and worked closely with Dr. Feldenkrais from 1973 to 1984 in the U.S. and at the Feldenkrais Institute in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He directed numerous training programs and was widely regarded as an innovative and inspiring teacher.
Dennis complemented his teaching with the Neuro-Epistemology of Francisco Varela, Humberto Maturana and Heinz von Forester. He also had a long-time interest in Western philosophy, Buddhism and had deep experience in the martial arts. During his life, Dennis practiced the Method in various forms for more than 30 years.