Carol Kress & Dennis Leri

A Mid-Summer's Dream Intensive—Fourth Annual: Journey To Sitting

With Dennis Leri and Carol Kress

Journey To Sitting marks the fourth installment in Dennis and Carol's deep exploration of Awareness Through Movement  in their Mid-Summer's Dream Intensive series. All of the lessons in this five-day course relate to the development of comfortable, dynamic sitting.

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You will intimately explore, from multiple perspectives, the movements and shapes that form a trajectory toward the function of sitting. The diversity of lessons developing from various positions and relationships to gravity stimulate curiosity and a potent sense of self-determination in action. The benefits from this workshop's lessons are plentiful and indispensable to those of us who long for more comfort, vitality and versatile power in sitting.
    Day One
  • Folding & Unfolding (DL)
  • Rocking to Sit (CK)
  • Head Forward & Backward - Chair (DL)
  • Head Side to Side - Seated (CK)
  • Day Two
  • Arms, Legs, Torso Bending (DL)
  • Gently Twisting on Side (CK)
  • Crawling (DL)
  • Sitting Legs Crossed
  • Day Three
  • Arms, Legs, Torso on Diagonal (DL)
  • Breath Shaping the Chest (CK)
  • All Fours (DL)
  • Spine: Subtle Distinctions - Seated (CK)
  • Day Four
  • On Elbows & Forearms (DL)
  • Sitting & Lying (CK)
  • Arms Around in Lying (DL)
  • Half Seated - Chair (CK)
  • Day Five
  • Standing on the Knees - Power Sitting (DL)
  • Legs 360 Degrees - Seated (CK)
  • Sitting - Legs Long (DL)
  • Folding & Unfolding - Chair (CK)
Dennis Leri graduated from the first U.S. Feldenkrais training program and worked closely with Dr. Feldenkrais from 1973 to 1984 in the U.S. and at the Feldenkrais Institute in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He directed numerous training programs and was widely regarded as an innovative and inspiring teacher.
Dennis complemented his teaching with the Neuro-Epistemology of Francisco Varela, Humberto Maturana and Heinz von Forester. He also had a long-time interest in Western philosophy, Buddhism and had deep experience in the martial arts. During his life, Dennis practiced the Method in various forms for more than 30 years.