Gaby Yaron

The Art of Functional Integration Six Lessons with Gaby Yaron


by Gaby Yaron

In each Functional Integration session, Gaby uses a different configuration and explains her thinking as she works. You will learn many new techniques as you watch her bring each student's new learning into sitting, standing and walking at the end of the lesson.

6 DVDs
6 Videoed FI Lessons

After Moshe, Gaby Yaron was the greatest single influence on many of the senior Feldenkrais Teachers and a master exponent of Functional Integration. In 1992, during the fourth year of the Michigan training program, Gaby gave FI lessons to five students, which were videotaped by assistant trainer Betty Dickinson.

The Art of Functional Integration: Six Lessons with Gaby Yaron offers a glimpse into the creativity of a true master. This is your opportunity to learn from Gaby and see some fascinating and unique FI lessons. You will also experience the essential grace, intelligence and clarity of her approach, her freedom to invent and improvise and her ability to make deep contact and profound changes with her students.

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