Mark Reese

The Feldenkrais Method and Walking: An Advanced Training


by Mark Reese

Walking is perhaps the most fundamental movement in our entire repertoire expressing that which is universally human and uniquely personal. Walking contains within its organization our essential posture and rigorous requirements for balance stability and mobility in every direction. We have as many styles of walking as we have purposes and few limitations affect us as much as when our ability to walk is compromised.
As a Feldenkrais Teacherthe ability to understand and work with the dynamic and functional aspects of walking is critical to being an effective practitioner. This outstanding workshop will give you skills and strategies which you can immediately begin to use with your clients. This unique Advanced Training includes ATM lessons gait analysis sessions FI demonstrations and lectures. It was professionally videotaped and has been edited. Includes a table of contents.

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The Advanced Training on Walking DVDs Include:
1. Developing Gait Observation Skills
2. Four Original ATM Lessons Concerned with Gait
3. Eight Functional Integration Demonstrations Focused on Gait Pattern
4. How to Relate FI and ATM Lessons to Walking
5. Seeing the Rotational Lateral Flexion Contra-Lateral and Extension Elements in Walking
6. Learning How Gait Involves Linked Patterns
7. Indirect and Direct FI Interventions to Improve Gait Patterns
8. FI Techniques Involving Walking
9. Integrating FI Themes from Table Work to Standing and Walking.
10. The Relation Between Balance Stability Mobility and Walking
11. Relating Walking to Basic Action Patterns of the Body
12. Lectures on Learning Child Development Evolution and FI Strategies
Mark Reese, Ph.D.was one of the world's foremost authorities on the Feldenkrais Method. Mark studied with Moshe Feldenkrais in San Francisco, Amherst and Tel-Aviv, and taught practitioners in more than 30 domestic and international Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs. He taught advanced trainings throughout the world, including at both Esalen and the Omega Institute.
Mark published extensively on the Feldenkrais Method and related health issues, and is coauthor of Relaxercise (Harper Collins) a best-selling book of Feldenkrais lessons.He also appeared on television and radio. At the time of Marks passing on June 23rd, 2006 Mark was working on a biography of Moshé Feldenkrais.