Feldenkrais Resources

Foam Rollers (3", 4" or 6" Diameter)

The foam rollers are perfect for placing under the knees and ankles during a Functional Integration lessons and perfect for adding complexity to simple Awareness Through Movement lessons.


Suggested Use:

For Functional Integration:
Try placing a larger roller under the knees with a smaller one under the ankles for more comfort and greater ease in pressing through the feet. Need a larger, softer roller for side lying? Wrap a blanket or two around the roller. This will keep the roller from rolling away while providing your student with support.
For Awareness Through Movement:
Explore lessons with the small roller under the foot. Try this with the roller in horizontal and vertical positions, exploring moving the foot in all directions or gently pressing through the foot to find stability on an unstable surface. Or place a medium or large roller under the hand/arm in a side lying position and slide the arm away from you. How about under the torso? Only your imagination and exploration are your limits.