Gaby Yaron

Advanced Training II: Integrating the Spine

by Gaby Yaron

This unique series is a must have forFeldenkrais Practitioners. Short and sweet, it provides insights on how to choose Awareness Through Movementlessons and will guide your though a ATM Lessons not found anywhere else.
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These recordings are from an Advanced training taught by Gaby Yaron in Berkeley. They include an array of sophisticated Awareness Through Movement lessons that were directly connected to the Functional Integrationteaching. Gaby also lectures on how to develop and chose ATM lesson for particular problems.

  1. Using a Paint Brush
  2. Improving the Seventh Cervical While Sitting (Pecking)
  3. Improving the Cervical and Dorsal Spine
  4. Karate Kick
  5. Improving the Chest with Crossed Legs (Breathing)
    5b. Improving the Chest with Crossed Legs continued
  6. Flexion and Extension While Sitting
  7. Improving Rotation and Extension While Lying
  8. Flexion and Extension While Standing

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