Ruthy Alon

Movement Intelligence: Solutions Part 1

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by Ruthy Alon
9 DVDs, 48 Processes

The Solutions Programs offer a range of inventive movement processes designed to address common neuro-muscular issues. The course takes place over six days with participants working mainly sitting in chairs, but also sometimes walking or working against the wall. Ruthy Alon artfully guides and empowers participants to access their own, self-correcting intelligence, so that they are able to discover better options for comfortable, coordinated movement. The movement processes are accessible to all ages and abilities and can be done at home.

In order to participate in some of the movement processes you will need a “wrap.” For the fabric wrap, purchase 7 yards (21 feet) of 45 inch wide fabric.

Solutions One focuses particularly on the back, and the legs with special attention to postural challenges resulting in compression and stiffness in the low back, chest/rib rigidity and various kinds of back pain. Themes will include restoring the resilience and "springiness" of the ankles, feet and knees, aligning the hips, releasing low back compression, improving overall alignment and mobility in the trunk and legs, and developing more options and resilience for recovering balance. The program is oriented towards self-care so the participants leave with processes they can do at home. The Movement Solutions Program can be of particular interest to Feldenkrais practitioners as it consists of short processes that combine strategies both from ATM and FI that can be directly applied in one’s practice.

In Ruthy’s words: “The Movement Solutions Program applies the Feldenkrais Method's® integrative approach to functioning; exploring the reciprocal relationship between the area of suffering and its network of roots throughout the entire body. The result will be restoration of harmonious cooperation, so that the body is able to work as nature intended. The Movement Intelligence exercises are all designed as self-care strategies so that participants will leave the program with tools they can use at home. Participants will be empowered to awaken their own, self-correcting intelligence, so that their organism is able to overcome its own functional failures with better options for efficient, coordinated action.”
Day One: Focus on the Feet
  • Feet 1: Orientation, Introduction 1-Revitalizing the toes
  • Feet 2: 2-Straightening the toes 3-Foot in the amphibian wave
  • Feet 4 & 5: BFL wrap demonstration 4-Options for focusing pressure in foot 5-Digging sand backwards
  • Feet 6,7,8 & 9: 6-Frustrated ski 7-Walking on knots 8-Toes pull trunk 9-The toes roll in creeping (beginning only)
  • Feet 8 & 9 continued: 8-Toes pull trunk Cont 9-Toes roll in creeping
  • Day Two: Focus on the Shoulders
  • Shoulders 1, 2 & 4: 01-Extending arms in spiral 02-Resolving discomfort in shoulder 04-Single shoulder blade on wall
  • Shoulders 3: 03-Flattening shoulder from opposite hip
  • Shoulders: Mobilizing arms backwards
  • Shoulders 5: Elbows in Figure 8
  • Shoulders 6: Falling into the wall
  • Shoulders 8: Knees between elbows + issue of getting up from the floor
  • Shoulders 9: 3D algorithm of shoulders in walking
  • Shoulders 10: Shoulders relief
  • Day Three: Focus on the Low Back
  • Lower Back 1: 01-pulling the cork and hanging the picture
  • Lower Back 2: 2-Walking on two vs. on all fours
  • Lower Back 3: 03-gap between the hands
  • Lower Back 4: 04-diaper
  • Lower Back 5: 05-Fists drag tissues
  • Lower back 6: 06-the magic blanket
  • Lower Back 7: 07 Single unit rocking
  • Lower Back 8: 08-Empowering lumbar with a strip around foot 10-Lateral translation of torso on arms
  • Day Four: Focus on the Knees
  • Knees 1: 01-Passive swinging suspended legs
  • Knees 2: 02 Knee bends & straightens
  • Knees 3: 03-Inter-dependancy of knees & lower back
  • Knees 4: 04-Spearing knee, getting in and out of chair
  • Knees 5: 05-Knee/elbow coordination in walking
  • Knees 6: 06-Strengthening knee by resistance
  • Knees 7: 07-Lateral alignment of knees
  • Knees 8: 08-Relaxation
  • Knees 9: 09-Falling up in climbing
  • Knees 10: 10-Deciphering use of knees in primal swimming
  • Knees 11: 11-Dynamic of knee in generating propulsion in creeping; knee/ankle interdependency
  • Day Five: Focus on the neck
  • Neck 1: 01-Aligning the neck by self-touch 02-Hanging the picture and pulling out the cork
  • Neck 3: 03-Integrating upper back in rotation while inhibiting neck; hand-in-hand in the strip
  • Neck 7: 07-Pulling the skull away from the spine (Note: the jump in numbers is intentional)
  • Neck 8: 08-Straightening neck by body weight by plow position; raising up a person effortlessly from sitting to standing
  • Neck 9: 09-Aligning neck in feather touch
  • Neck 10: 10-Freeing the neck in 3D
  • Day Six: Focus on the Low Back
  • Lower Back 1: 1-The wrap, borrowing optimal posture
  • Lower Back: Bonus track 1 & 2
  • Lower Back 18: 18-Rumba near the wall
  • Lower Back 13: 13-Diagonal small roller
  • Lower Back 20: 20-Flattening both curves
  • Lower Back 20 cont: 20-Flattening both curves with the wrap Completion: Lower back Continued, Intro to certification with small study group

Ruthy Alon (1930—2020) was among the 13 fortunate students who sat on straw stools around the low treatment table at Moshe Feldenkrais's first training program. From those early days in Israel, the Feldenkrais Method became the central axis of Ruthy’s development and professional contributions. She was the first practitioner to follow Moshe to the U.S., in 1972, coming to the Esalen Institute in California, and then teaching his new approach to the improvement of human functioning in centers around the world.

She always taught with loving kindness and generosity. She continued to learn and to bring the Method to the public, making it easily accessible for everyone.

At the 2018 Feldenkrais® Guild conference, in Washington D.C., Ruthy was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award for her contributions to the Method and our community. Her brilliant thinking and innovation has helped thousands of people over many decades. Her students, both of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education and Movement Intelligence will continue on her name teaching her beautiful body of work.