Jack Heggie

Running With the Whole Body

by Jack Heggie

If you are looking for a training program that will make a substantial difference in your running, this is it! Running with the Whole Bodyretrains your mind and muscles to change these habits and improve your strength, coordination, distance and speed.
"By learning to activate the drive point in the upper body, anyone can learn to run like an Olympic sprinter while relieving many of the aches and pains associated with a regular practice."

This book provides a Feldenkraisperspective on running including eleven Awareness Through Movement lessons. Each exercise is illustrated with photographs and case studies.

A Wonderful Resource For:
  • Serious Runners & Weekend Joggers
  • Hikers & Walkers
  • Football, Soccer & Baseball Players
  • Cross Country Skiers, Skaters & Snowshoers
  • Any Sport Where Good Running is Key
What are the benefits of Running with the Whole Body?
  • Faster walking and running
  • Greater power
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved coordination
  • Improved sports performance
  • Reduced pain
  • Increased distance
  • Less effort in walking and running
  • Greater endurance
What People are Saying
"...integrate the entire body into your running using the Feldenkrais Method®...create a faster, more graceful runner..."
-Trail Runner, June 2002

"The shoulder - hip connection is very powerful for me - whenever I bring my attention back to my shoulders and make sure they are moving, then my pelvis moves more, my stride improves and my speed increases - all without any discernible increase in 'effort'."-J. Hetherington, Marathon Runner
Lessons Include:
  1. Feet, Hips and Shoulders (Standing & Walkking)
  2. Muscles of the Back (On Back)
  3. Connections in the Back (On Stomach)
  4. The Hip Joints Alone (Side Lying)
  5. The Shoulders Alone (Side Lying)
  6. The Hips and Shoulders Together (Side Lying)
  7. Hips and Shoulders (Standing)
  8. Shoulders, Spine and Hips (Sitting on the Floor)
  9. The Motion of the Feet (Standing)
  10. The Drive Point (Standing)
  11. Running with the Whole Body (Standing)