Mara Della Pergola

The Seventh Cervical Crossroads: A Central Site for Difficulty and Integration

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With Mara DellaPergola

In this lively two-day advanced training, Mara Della Pergola artfully alternates between Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement, showing how to efficiently create significant links between the C7 area and the rest of the moving person.

When people complain of discomfort in their necks or backs, we often notice that they perceive the C7/T1 area unclearly. This lack of clarity results in a dampening of force transmission through the upper-back and neck region, interfering with healthy movement and often creating pain. DellaPergola demonstrates how to reach the base of the neck starting from far away, from the arms and thorax or from the legs, and from there to restore functional pathways in order to enrich the quality of the individual's basic movement and gestures.

DellaPergola studied directly with Moshe and was the first Feldenkrais practitioner in Italy. She has more than 30 years' of experience teaching the Method. 

  • Introduction: Crossroads: Fluid Traffic Or Bottleneck
  • ATM: Exploration Of C7 In Sitting And In A Series Of Organic Movements
  • Partner Work: Touching And Exploring C7 In Sitting And Walking
  • Discussion Of Practice: Questions And Answers
  • ATM Based On Alexander Yanai Lesson #550
  • FI Demonstration: Exploring C7 From The Ribs While Student Moves Legs
  • FI Practice: Exploring C7 By Moving The Vertebrae With The Ribs
  • FI Demonstration: Clarifying The FI Movements On The Skeleton
  • ATM: Discovering The Crossroad Through Movements Of The Neck, Head, Arms, And Pelvis Variations Focused On Lengthening, Inner Space And Orientation
  • Questions And Answers; Short Example Of Using Crawling Movements To Discover The Direction Of C7
  • Partner Practice In Groups And Pairs: Observation And Manipulation Of The Movement Of C7 In Standing And Walking
  • Discussion Of Partner Practice: The Mechanical And Emotional Aspects Of Working With C7
  • FI Demonstration: Reaching The Crossroad From The Arms; Moving It In Relation To The Head And The Hip Joints
  • FI Practice
  • Comments On The FI Practice
  • Closing ATM: Moving The Head From The Crossroad In Sitting