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The Ezekiel Code
A Vision of Living Bones

by David Kaetz

Paperback, 49 Pages

The Ezekiel Code: A Vision of Living Bones is a labour of love, with a certain readership in mind, namely, those who work and play in the field of body/mind/spirituality.

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by David Kaetz

The Ezekiel Code emerged from a long-held question: what is the bridge between Jung’s work on the inner life and Feldenkrais’s work on learning and self-organization? The answer gradually came into view through the contemplation of images and motifs which express themselves in both psyche and soma.

Author and Feldenkrais practitioner David Kaetz (who also wrote Making Connections, about Moshe’s cultural background and its resonances in his work) studied Religion and Near Eastern Languages at Yale. He often teaches together with his wife, who is a Jungian analyst. With every seminar they experience a practical synergy between soul work and somatic education. That these two realms manifest the same living process in different ways is obvious, yet it is hard to speak of their synchrony without stumbling into a terminological hall of mirrors. Another way to approach the question is through the imaginal world (a term used by Henri Corbin and James Hillman), which speaks through both soma and psyche.

The prophet Ezekiel, who was somewhere between the Rudolf Steiner and the Bob Marley of the exile community in Babylon (some 2500 years ago), was entirely at home in the imaginal world. Unpacking just one of his visions, the valley of the dry bones, is the work of this little book.