Ruthy Alon

The Sphincters: 1983 Advanced Seminars


by Ruthy Alon

The sphincters are in constant communication with each other. Working with the sphincter muscle network helps to integrate the whole body, provide a sense of harmony and improve a whole host of physical functions and ailments. From bowel and bladder issues to posture, power, and general spine health.

In this extended one-day workshop held in Berkeley, Ruthy focused entirely on the circular and sphincter muscles of the body. These unusual and original lessons work with the mouth, tongue, eyes and anus in various functional sequences and are conveyed in Ruthy‰۪s warm and inviting style. Initiating movement through our sphincters brings an internal listening that has been known to be restorative all along the "channel" from our mouth and intestines to our pelvic floor with wide ranging benefits.

  1. Connecting the Tongue
  2. Connecting the Eyes
  3. Shoulders-Pelvis-Eyes-Mouth
  4. Tongue and Anus
  5. Exploring Body Parts
  6. Middle Back
  7. Mouth and Jaw

Ruthy Alon (1930—2020) was among the 13 fortunate students who sat on straw stools around the low treatment table at Moshe Feldenkrais's first training program. From those early days in Israel, the Feldenkrais Method became the central axis of Ruthy’s development and professional contributions. She was the first practitioner to follow Moshe to the U.S., in 1972, coming to the Esalen Institute in California, and then teaching his new approach to the improvement of human functioning in centers around the world.

She always taught with loving kindness and generosity. She continued to learn and to bring the Method to the public, making it easily accessible for everyone.

At the 2018 Feldenkrais® Guild conference, in Washington D.C., Ruthy was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award for her contributions to the Method and our community. Her brilliant thinking and innovation has helped thousands of people over many decades. Her students, both of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education and Movement Intelligence will continue on her name teaching her beautiful body of work.