Jack Heggie

Total Body Vision

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by Jack Heggie

This dynamic series of easy movement sequences and eye exercises will enrich your visual life. Enjoy a world of finer details, more vivid colors, and richer textures. This powerful series of exercises helps to improve the overall quality of your vision, posture, and movement. The lessons are designed to facilitate eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, color and depth perception, and create greater ease in discerning texture and fine detail.

6 Audio CDs

Through a series of 11 original lessons drawing on the Feldenkrais Method® and the work of William Bates, M.D., Jack Heggie has developed a powerful series of exercises for improving the overall quality of your vision, posture and movement.

Through this series of exercises you can improve:

  • Clarity
  • Perceptions of textures and fine details
  • Eye-hand and eye-foot coordination
  • Perception of colors
  • Depth perception
  • And more
  1. Standing and Turning
  2. Eyes, Neck and Shoulder
  3. Eyes Right and Left
  4. Eyes, Neck and Pelvis
  5. Eyes Up and Down
  6. Convergence and the Rest Point
  7. Squeezing the Eyes
  8. Standing and Turning Part 1
  9. Standing and Turning Part 2
  10. VXA Exercise
  11. Convergence Card