Alan Questel

Uncommon Sensing: Moving Beyond Your Self Image

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by Alan Questel

Our self-image is defined by how we think, what we feel and what we do. How we perceive our world is colored by our personal history which influences our actions and behavior. The limitations we experience in our life are often caused by ways of thinking, feeling, and doing that we were born into. To become more of who you would like to be is easier than you may imagine. These Awareness Through Movement lessons are designed to help you to perceive unknown aspects of yourself and fun to move beyond your self-image.

This series is a live recording from the Weekend Workshop:Uncommon Sensing: Moving Beyond Your SelfImage Presented by Alan Questel in Lucerne, Switzerland, June 5-6, 2004
CD 1
1. Introduction / Self-image / Simon Says
2. ATM 1: Shoulderness
3. Discussion / Throwing a ball/What should we feel?
CD 2
1. Being three dimensional
2. ATM 2: Threads and Gentle Fingers
3. Discussion
4. Where does your arm begin & end / Born into a language / The truth? / Herniated disks
CD 3
1. ATM 3: Arms to Your Hips
2. Discussion
3. ATM 4: Legs To Your Chest
CD 4
1. Discussion
2. Discussion / Vulnerability / The environments influence / Imagination / Decreasing the effort / Raise your right hand
3. ATM 5: Pressing and Lifting Your Ribs
4. Discussion / Awareness...Self-consciousness / Doing less...
5. Surprise and Discovery
CD 5
1. ATM 6: Looking and Lifting...for a Surprise
2. Discussion
3. New connections / Where is your spine?
4. ATM 7: Moving Around A Central Axis
5. Discussion & goodbyes

Alan S. Questel trained directly with Dr. Feldenkrais in Amherst, Massachusettes. Since that time, he has lectured and taught at hospitals, colleges and Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs throughout the world. He is known for his clarity, creativity and down-to-earth style of teaching. He brings a depth of understanding, humor and a gentle human perspective to the learning of the Method and creates lively conditions for learning.

An actor before becoming interested in the Feldenkrais Method, Alan worked and toured with Jerzy Grotowski (My Dinner With Andre) and Paul Sills (Second City, Chicago and Story Theatre). Even today, one of his great interests is the embodiment of creativity, and he has developed a body of work for performers utilizing the Feldenkrais Method. Alan sees the Method as a means for individual maturation, and aspires towards making this appreciable and concrete for his students both in training programs and in his practice.