Feldenkrais Resources

Vocal Integration

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by Richard Corbeil

Improve speaking and singing by emulating the kind of movements and sounds that infants use to develop their voices! Enhance your voice by reprogramming the neuromuscular patterns that are the building blocks of vocal functioning through these original Awareness Through Movement lessons and Vocal Exercises.

While introducing the main functional elements of vocal production, the lessons are also designed to provide:
  • A healthy foundation for extensive speaking & singing.
  • A internal understanding of holistic vocal functioning.
  • Unique resources to overcome speech or breathing difficulties.
  • An extraordinary way of improving self-confidence
CD 1: Exploring Long Sounds

1. Introduction
2. Reference
3. Breathing
4. Vocalizing
5. Modulating
6. Assessment

CD 2: Articulating Short Sounds

1. Intro & Reference
2. Scanning
3. Lips and P
5. Throat and K
6. Involving Vocal Folds
7. Assessment

CD 3: Organizing Vowels

1. Intro and Reference
2. Scanning
3. Opening for Vowels
4. Focusing Vowels
5. Assessment

CD 4: Accessing Resonators

1. Intro & Reference
2. Channeling Airflow
3. Humming
4. Boosting Vowels
5. Assessment