Alan Questel

What If You Knew How To Adapt MP3 Download

by Alan Questel

What if you had a zillion dollars‰Û_what if you met the partner of your dreams‰Û_what if you could do whatever you
wanted to do?
What if were always words that were rich in my own fantasy life‰Û_until broke my leg skiing. I quickly discovered a
deeper meaning to Moshe Feldenkrais‰۪ famous words: ‰ÛÏMovement is life and without movement life is unthinkable.‰۝
What if you couldn‰۪t do what you wanted‰Û_what if you were constrained in some unexpected way‰Û_what if your
movement choices were diminished?
In this workshop, utilizing Feldenkraiså¨ Awareness Through Movement Lessonså¨, you will discover how you can adapt,
adjust and transform the difficult into the easy. You will come to understand how a limitation can be the means to new
action. You will realize that the cup that seems half empty is actually half full of new possibilities.
CD 1
1. Introduction/The secret to moving better & better & better
2. ATM 1 - A new pelvic clock
CD 2
1. Discusion/Awareness
2. Intro to ATM - The movement of the pelvis… where the movement actually takes place
3. ATM 2 - Finding your hip joints
4. Discussion/Different experiences/Our relationship with the floor
5. Utilizing your skeleton… your pelvis… your hips… your head… and…
CD 3
1. ATM 3 - Chairs #1 - Using your pelvis and more
2. Discussion
3. ATM 4 - Lifting your pelvis
CD 4
1. Checking in/Qualities of a well organized movement/Understanding pain/What part of you needs to be in room.../Proximal & distal
2. Intro to ATM/How we think… hmmm/What makes us tired?
3. ATM 5 - Connecting our hands & your pelvis
4. Discussion/Sleepy hands/Novelty/Sensing with our hands
CD 5
1. The initiation of the action/Sensitivity and stimulus
2. ATM 6 - From the ground to your hands
3. Discussion
4. Posture/Is my pelvis free
5. ATM 7 - Chairs #2 - Using your pelvis and more
CD 6
1. Discussion/Moving as a whole/What walks when we walk?
2. ATM 8 - Reaching from your pelvis
3. Keep the ideas alive/Thank you and goodbye

Alan S. Questel trained directly with Dr. Feldenkrais in Amherst, Massachusettes. Since that time, he has lectured and taught at hospitals, colleges and Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs throughout the world. He is known for his clarity, creativity and down-to-earth style of teaching. He brings a depth of understanding, humor and a gentle human perspective to the learning of the Method and creates lively conditions for learning.

An actor before becoming interested in the Feldenkrais Method, Alan worked and toured with Jerzy Grotowski (My Dinner With Andre) and Paul Sills (Second City, Chicago and Story Theatre). Even today, one of his great interests is the embodiment of creativity, and he has developed a body of work for performers utilizing the Feldenkrais Method. Alan sees the Method as a means for individual maturation, and aspires towards making this appreciable and concrete for his students both in training programs and in his practice.